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How is Ruby able to control her Wolf form? Who is Anita and why is she interested in Ruby? Will Ruby change after 28 years now that the curse is broken? All this and more As Larissa and Jose discuss Child of the moon.

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What happen to Emma in the past? Who is the thief that helps her? Will our heroes find the compass and avoid the Giant? Find out as Larissa and Jose review and reveal more on this episode!

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Who is Dr. Whale in Fairytale world and why does he need a heart? Why does he want to return to the Enchanted forest? Will Regina use magic for evil and what turns her? And Was that Daniel? All this and more is revealed as Larissa and Jose review this new Episode.

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What is Hook's Story? Whats his connection to Rumpelstiltskin? Can Belle change Mr. Gold's ways? Find out as Jose and Larissa review the largely anticipated episode of The Crocodile.

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Who is this new General, King George has hired to fight against Snow and Charming? How will Snow and Emma return to Storybrooke? What does Cora want with Snow. Will David Charming find a way to bring back Snow and Emma and will Jefferson finally go get his daughter back? All this and more is reviewed by Jose and Larissa.

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Does Regina have Magic? What will David/Charming do to get Emma and Snow back? What happens when you leave Storybrooke? How does Regina learn magic in the fairy tale world? Find our as Larissa and Jose review the latest episode of Once Upon a Time. Plus casting news that may affect the series.

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Magic is here or is it? After the curse is broken what happens with Rumpelstiltskin and Belle? Does Regina have her powers? Will this bring Snow and Emma closer together? Also what happens between Princess Aurora, Prince Philip and Mulan? Find out as Jose and Larissa review the season 2 premiere of Once Upon a Time!

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A review of The complete first Season of Once Upon a Time Bonus Features. Should you Listen to the Official Once Upon a Time Podcast from ABC And new casting for future Episodes of Once Upon a time. Less than 24 hours before Season Premiere. Magic is coming! Are you ready!

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Two for the price of 1. News, castings and opinions from what could happen on Season 2 of Once Upon a time. As of now its 15 days before the Season Permiere! Magic is coming. Are you ready?

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Will Henry survive after eating the apple with the sleeping curse? Will Emma and Regina join forces to save Henry. Will prince Charming find snow in the end? Find out as Larissa and Jose discuss the season finale of Once Upon a Time!

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Will Emma stay to save the inhabitants of Storybrooke from the curse or leave as she has always done in the past? Will Snow save Charming from a terrible fate? Find out the answer to this and many other questions as Larissa and Jose reveal them in this review of this episode.

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Whats so important that episode 21 had to be interupted by this short Herald? You will just have to listen to it as Jose reveals it in this special Edition of The Storybrooke Herald!

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How is August Going to make Emma Believe she is from the Fairytale world? What is the story of Pinocchio and what happened to him when the curse hit? All is revealed as Jose and Larissa review the episode The Stranger. Also for those on England we must correct that the episode The heart is a lonely hunter is airing next Sunday May 13 not this Sunday!

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Who is August? What does he want? What happened to Katherine? Will Beilfire find a way to save Rumple from his curse of being the Dark one? Find out as Larissa and Jose Review the new episode of ABC's Once Upon A Time.

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Just like it says, Emails and feedback by Jose.

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Will Sheriff Swan be able to find evidence that Mary Margret is being framed before its to late? What happened between Regina and Snow that changed Regina to an Evil Queen? Find out as Larissa and Jose review this episode of Once Upon a Time!

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Will Emma find Mary Margaret before Regina finds out she has escaped? And what does the Evil Queen want with the Mad Hatter? Find out when Jose and Larissa review this episode of Once Upon a Time.

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Is Snow willing to risk everything she is just to kill the Queen? An what will Mary Margaret do as more evidence piles up against her for the disappearance of David's wife Katherine. All is revealed as Jose and Larissa review the latest episode of Once upon a Time!

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Is David responsible for Katherine's disappearing? Why is Ruby mad at her Granny? Who is the Wolf? Can the Wolf be stopped? All is revealed and more twists are found as Jose and Larissa review this episode of Once upon a time.

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What is the reason that made the Dwarf Grumpy so... well Grumpy? And what would possess Leroy to join Mary Margaret to sell candles for the Miners day celebration? Keep listening as Larissa and Jose review the latest episode of Once Upon a Time!

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Will David tell Katherine the truth about him and Mary Margaret? In the Farytale world What does Abigail want with James? And what did happen to Frederick? Find out as Jose and Larissa review episode 13 of Once upon a time.

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Can beauty calm the savage beast as Bell joins Rumpelstiltskin in his estate? Also Valentines day is in the air and Mr. Gold is robbed. How far will he go to get justice? Join Jose and Larissa as they discuss the episode!

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What has Regina done to push Sidney Glass to aide Emma on exposing the Mayor? Also what will King Leopold do with the lamp and what consequences could there be for making these wishes? Find out as Jose and Larissa review this episode.

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Will Snow and James get together or will James marry Midas's daughter? Also why is Mary Margaret Going to Granny's every morning, and who is this new stranger that has come to Storybrooke? Find out as Larissa and Jose discuss this episode.

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What will Emma do to stop two siblings from being seperated by the foster system? And why does The evil Queen need Hansel and Gretle for? Find our as Jose and Larissa review Episode 9 of Once upon a Time

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How did Rumpelstiltskin become the most powerful being in Fairy Tale world? And who will be the new Sheriff now that Graham is gone? Find out as Larissa and Jose discuss the episode.

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Is Sheriff Graham delusional or is he really remembering his past life, Also who is The evil Queen looking for to kill Snow white? Find out as Jose and Larissa discuss the episode!

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