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Who is Peter Pan? What happened to Rumple's Father? Will Operation Cobra Rescue save Henry before its to late? All this and we find out what happened to Alice after loosing Cyrus as José and Larissa Review Once and Once Wonderland!

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What is the Dark Hollow? Will Ariel find what Rumple needs to stop Pan? Will Neil be able to find a way to get out of Neverland? All this and more as José and Larissa review Dark Hollow and Wonderland's Heart of Stone.

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Will Ariel be able to meet Prince Eric and will she tell him the truth about herself? Can the Charmings and Hook rescue Neil from Pan? Can Rumple and Regina come up with a plan to defeat Pan? All this an more as Jose and Larissa review Ariel.

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What happened to Jafar in his early life? Will Alice be able to save Will from the Red Queen? Who is this mysterious Amara? All this and theories on the latest episode of Once in Wonderland!

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How did Killian Jones Become a pirate? Why did they Killian and Liam have to go to Neverland? Will David survive his Poisoning? All this and more as Jose and Larissa Review Episode 3_05 Good Form

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Who is the Pied Piper? What History does Rumple have with Pan? How will Operation Henry get home after saving Henry? Can Neil trust his father? All this and a review of Wonderlands Forget me Not as Jose and Larissa bring you a new episode of the Storybrooke Herald.

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Whats is the history between Tink and Regina? How will Neil make it to Neverland?Will Operation Henry find Tink? All this and a review of Wonderlands episode Trust me from Jose and Larissa.

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What does Emma need to know to find Henry? Is Snow leaving her kingdom? Does Alice really want to forget? Is Cyrus alive? What is the Red Queen and Jaffar's plan for Alice? Find out as Jose and Larissa review both Once Upon a time and its spin-off Wonderland!

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Who is the Home office? What does Pan want with Henry? Who will find Henry first? And is Neil alive? All this and so many questions are answered as Jose and Larissa review the Season Premiere of Once Upon a Time!

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With only just a week away from the season premiere of Once Upon a Time More casting news and a review of the Once Graphic novel Shadow of the Queen!

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Casting calls, News, possible theories, book recommendations and the Review of the Season 2 Blu-ray of Once Upon a Time. Also Graphic Novel Once -Shadow of the Queen releases on September 4th. Also the price of the Blu-ray has changed since this recording!

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An Audio version of the Roundtable with other Once Upon a time Podcasters. Listen to our thought on the Season Finale and posible future theories!

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Will Storybrooke be destroyed? What happened between Bae and Hook in Neverland? So many answers yet more Questions as José and Larissa discuss the season Finale of Once Upon a time!

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After the Episode was recorded there were some Breaking News. I brought them at the beginning of the podcast. So how did Bae reached Wonderland? What do Tamara and Greg want with Regina? Will Greg finally find his father Kurt? All this and more as Jose and Larissa review the latest Once Episode!

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Will the Evil Queen succeed in Killing Snow in her disguise? What do Tamara and Greg want with Hook? What is this Failsafe Regina prepared with the Curse and will Emma find out the truth about Tamara? All this and more in this new discussion from José and Larissa of the Latest Episode of Once Upon A Time!

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Will Rumple kill the thief and have Belle watch? Who is Lacey and will Gold be able to recover Belle's memories? All this and more as Jose and Larissa review the latest Once Episode! 

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How will August stop his transformation after finding out he is turning into wood? In the Present will he be able to redeem himself? Who is Tamara? All this and more is revealed in this episode of Once Upon a Time.

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What was it like when the Curse first hit Storybrooke? Will Regina kill Snow? How will Henry destroy magic? All this and more as Larissa and Jose review episode 17 of OUAT!

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Will Emma, Neil and Henry be able to return Gold to storybrooke before he dies? Will Cora kill the Dark one? Will Snow Kill Cora? Who is the Miller's Daughter? All this and more will be revealed as Larissa and Jose review this latest episode!

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How did Snow's mother die? Will Neal go to Storybrooke with Gold? Will snow and David find Rumple's dagger before Cora and Regina? All this and more as Larissa and Jose review the latest Once Upon a time Episode! 

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Will Gold, Emma and Henry find Bae? Why are Cora and Regina looking for Rumple's dagger? What does Gold want Emma to do to fulfill their deal? All this and more is revealed as Jose and Larissa review the Episode Manhattan From Once Upon a Time.

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How did Anton became so hateful towards the humans? How will Gold feel as he goes to find his son in New York? What is this secret weapon Hook has that could turn the tide against Cora? All this and more as Jose and Larissa Review Episode 13 of Once Upon a Time!

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What happened to Victor Frankenstien's brother? Who is the creature Victor created? Will Dr. Whale save the strangers life? Will Belle ever remember who she is? Find out as Jose and Larissa review this Episode!

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Come and get two reviews for the price of one. Did Regina kill Archie? What happens to Regina in Fairy tale land? Is she Executed? Will Rumple be able to cross the Storybrooke Boarder? And will Bell and Mulan Kill the beast threatening Mulan's Village? All this and more on this double review of Once!

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Who does Regina want Hook to kill? Who is the Queen of hearts? Will Emma and Snow find the squid ink that Rumpelstiltskin hid in his cell? All this and more

as Jose and Larissa review this episode.

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Will Emma and Snow defeat Cora? Have Snow and Charming found a way to communicate with each other? Will Regina and Gold join forces to stop Cora and Help Snow and Emma? Find out as Larissa and Jose Review this episode.

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